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For several minutes each day for several days during the equinox season (Feb/Mar and Sept/Oct) the sun passes through the equatorial plane which is used by satellites, at these times a sun outage occurs. This is a natural phenomenon which causes loss of signal and it is beyond our control as the effect is due to the sun’s radiation overwhelming the satellite signal.


Advisory Notice – Caleta Area only

?The evening of the 20/01/15 there may be some slight disruption to your viewing as our engineer carries out maintenance work on the dish


Dear Clients

As is our usual practice for periodic box reprogramming we will be starting this from the 4th November 2014 and you will be able to bring your box to the office from that date to be reprogrammed? please do not bring your box in before that date. Our office will be open

9.30 – 15.00 Monday to Friday during the reprogramming.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience however this is a necessary process we have to undertake.

You will continue to receive our signal on your box until the 17th November if it is not reprogrammed before then.

Please also note that we are planning to reinstate RTE1 sometime from the 4th November, this will be replacing FILM4.

Once the channel is changed there may be some disruption to RTE1 whilst the signal is being tested.

Outstanding payments

If your payment is outstanding this will need to be made to have your box reprogrammed. Where payments are due before the 17/11/14 (this does not apply to customers who pay by direct debit) these must be paid to enable your box to be reprogrammed.




For several minutes each day for several days during the equinox season (Feb/Mar and Sept/Oct) the sun passes through the equatorial plane which is used by satellites, at these times a sun outage occurs. This is a natural phenomenon which causes loss of signal and it is beyond our control as the effect is due to the sun’s radiation overwhelming the satellite signal.



Re previous posting Astra 2E is now in position and the channel migration could happen at any time, this may result in some disruption to your service whilst we optimise our dishes for maximum reception. We will update our website as when more information becomes available. Whilst this work in being carried out by the engineer will not be in a position to answer calls. Please check our website for updates.


Update on UKTV in Spain

There is currently a lot of speculation saying that very soon it will no longer be possible to receive any English TV in Spain and the Canary Islands. Much of this is being fuelled by the companies who want you to buy their IPTV systems.

Currently the fleet of Satellites at 28.2?E which supply the free to air UK channels and SKY TV are in the process of being changed. One satellite (Astra 2F) is already in place and another (Astra 2E) has just been launched and should commence service in 6-8 weeks. The final satellite (Astra 2G) is scheduled for launch 2014.

The beams from these satellites are different to those we were used to in the past and the UK Beam (which contains BBC, ITV etc) is tighter than previous which means it will be much more difficult to receive and will require satellite dishes in excess of 3 metres metres (UKTV USE DISHES WHICH ARE 3.7M). The European beam (which previously was split into 2 beams) should be receivable in Fuerteventura on a 1.2 metre dish.

Currently many channels are on a temporary satellite which is why you have been able to receive BBC etc on a 1.8 metre dish but have lost most of sky sports, sky news etc. The channels on this satellite will be transferring to the new Astra 2E and 2F satellites and it will then be moved to another orbital position so you will no longer receive all your channels on a 1.8 metre dish.

What SKY channels will be receivable in Fuerteventura on a 1.2 metre dish?

The simple answer is nobody knows for sure.We will only know once/ all the channels are moved around and things settle down /(possibly around late November).

Once the service of Astra 2E commences and channels are moved there will be some disruption to your UKTV Signal as our engineer will need to realign our dishes to maximise the signal from this satellite.

We will as always keep you informed of any disruption via our website and email. If you would like to receive updates via email please ensure our office has your current details (email

Please be aware that if you have paid monies to people offering BBC/ITV etc we can only guarantee that genuine UKTV customers will continue to receive our signal and we are continually updating our security measures. This is why we have reprogrammed the boxes in the Caleta area during November to include our new software. What effect will this have on our genuine customers – you will see from time to time a small blip in the transmission of approx 10 minutes whilst the software updates.
*****************Caleta Clients 18/02/13**********************

As you may be aware, SES ASTRA have recently carried out transponder changes within the satellites located at 28.2 degrees. This has resulted in Channel FIVE moving onto a signal which is extremely difficult to receive in the Canary Islands. Consequently we are unable to provide you with a reliable service on this channel at this time. We are working on various solutions but do have to take into account that the signals will once again be changing in the summer. For the interim period we will unfortunately have to replace channel FIVE with FILM 4. As soon as we are able to restore channel FIVE (without adversely affecting the other channels) we will.


***************Corralejo/Lanzarote 31/01/13**************

As you may be aware SES-Astra are carrying out numerous changes to their Satellites located at 28.2E. This has resulted in changes to what can and cannot be received within the Canary Islands. Unfortunately this is causing us to have intermittent problems with channel 5. Currently, whilst we work on a solution, we have had to change channel 5 on our Corralejo transmitter to ITV2 as we cannot currently provide you with satisfactory reception of FIVE. Caleta is being monitored and at present the signal seems to be satisfactory but be advised that any slight degradation in the received signal strength will mean we may have to temporarily change this channel. And in light of the recent survey results changing Film4 to ITV2, If we have to temporarily change channel FIVE we will restore Film4

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