Established in 2007, as UKTV and re-branded in 2012 as UKTV telly, we have been supplying British TV to the ex-pat market in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote for 6 years. Constantly improving and upgrading our systems, always looking at new technology, and integrating new systems.
Our small team has been solid and strong since December 2007, always friendly, and giving the best support and advice you will find on the islands.
With an office always open Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm to the public, so you know where we are, therefore giving you piece of mind that we are there if you need us, and technical support available daily from 9 am to 5pm (Mon-Fri).

UKTV telly offers two types of access to UK Television. A traditional system which requires an aerial OR If you have ADSL / Broadband IPTV can be plugged in and watched immediately.


We have now become official distributors for Technomate satellite receivers.These boxes are super sensitive, which means if the signal is on the weak side, these are the only receivers, that have fine tuning to be able to pick up signals where other boxes are unable. Enabling us to offer new systems,new options, ask in our office for further details on these.

There are companies that offer free TV, there is no such thing as free, and when you look into this system they are mainly a Telecommunications company offering ADSL/phone packages that have added free TV. to entice people, when you sign up, you then find problems at different intervals receiving channels.

There is no doubt that we at UKTV telly do sometimes experience problems with our systems, this is normally due to weather conditions interfering, and causing break up, this happens with all systems – Spanish/Italian/British systems in the Canaries, which is beyond our control. If you experience problems check out the trouble shooting page as sometimes simple actions can be the remedy.
What did we all do before British TV came to the Canaries?, we must remember we are 2000 miles away, and sometimes weather conditions like high winds torrential rains can affect the systems. Another factor is Unelco/Endesa, when they decide without warning to turn off the electric to certain areas, usually only for a short period and our services then resume. This is all part of living in the Canaries and what a beautiful place it is.

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