Founded in 2006, MÁSMOV!L is the only mobile phone operator to bring common sense to mobile phone charges. Ideal for the user who wants to optimise their spending while still having the best talk & data services.
No small print or permanence clauses. MÁSMOV!L simply offers the best rates so that customers only pay for what they need.


Talk for FREE!

We don’t even mind if you call for free MÁSMOV!L is the only operator to promote web 2.0 applications such as Skype, Whatsapp and Viber.

What coverage does MÁS0V!L offer me?

MÁSM0V!L have voice coverage in 99% of Spain including the Canary Islands, SMS and Mobile Internet GRPS, as well as high-speed internet using 3G phones or USB modems*.

What about international rates?

MÁSM0V!L offers the best international rates, offering reduced call costs to 26 countries both to land lines and mobile phones – save up to 37%.


If I decide to change from Prepaid to Direct Debit, or vice versa, can I do it?

Yes you can, any time you want. Just remember that if you decide to transfer from Prepaid to direct bill we will need a copy of a bank bill of the bank account that will be used to pay the phone bill. The account must be registered at your own name and the receipt must not have more than two months old. The change will take effect from the following billing cycle.

I need a duplicate SIM card

Just call into?UKTVTelly office .


Do you send invoices to my home address?

All your invoices are in your personal area on our web site so you can print them, download them or review them as you wish. If you would prefer to receive them every month by e-mail, send a request by e-mail to

When do your invoices get passed to the bank?

Invoices are produced on the 28th of each month and your bank will receive them on the 2nd of the following month, holidays permitting. We will send you an SMS, or email, with the total of the invoice.

How can I check how much I’m spending?

You can find out how much you have spent since your latest bill by entering the sequence *113# followed by the call button. If you are on Direct Debit, your spending since the last bill will appear on the screen. If you’re on Automatic Top Up or Classic Prepaid, your remaining credit will appear.

I would prefer to continue using my current phone. Can I do this with MASMOVIL?

Yes, but you must make sure it is either a factory-freed phone or has been subsequently freed. If you got it from a previous operator, it is almost surely blocked and can only be used with that company.

What does freeing, or unblocking a mobile phone mean?

Before it is freed, or unblocked, your phone can only be used with a SIM card from your current operator. Once it has been freed, you can use it with any operator.

How can I free my phone?

There are lots of shops that are legal and trustworthy where you can free your phone and the cost will depend on the model, though it is always more economical that buying a new phone.
We recommend you contact liberalia ( a company that we have been collaborating with since we started.

Will you help me configure my phone?

Just call 2373 and our technical department will take you through the configuration process step by step in English

*MÁSM0V!L are constantly working to provide the best possible service, offering alternatives so that customers always pay the minimum. That is why we ask you to contact us to find out about the very LATEST prices and offers.

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