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You may always call us on 928 548 558 but sometimes following these simple check lists can solve the problem

Original Aerial BBC system.

IPTV System

If you have been receiving a signal but are suddenly not picking up any channels,

  • Firstly check that your system is properly plugged in.
  • Check that the area you live in has not had a power cut.
  • If there is electricity in your area, then contact our office by phone , to let us know, as there may be a power failure in the area of the transmitter, if this is the case, normally the electricity company resumes the power not long after.
  • If it is out of office hours, then leave a voice message or text and we will check this immediately.
Q. My UKTV telly box has the sound from one channel but the picture from another
  • A. Occasionally we have to reset our transmitter and some UKTV telly boxes can have this problem. Unplug the box from the mains for 30 seconds and then plug back in. If this does not resolve the problem then an engineer call out may be required.
Q. I have no TV channels and on my TV screen it is displaying OASIS FM.
  • A. You have inadvertently pressed the radio button on your UKTV telly remote. On the UKTV telly remote control press the button labelled TV (bottom left hand button)
Q. I have TV pictures but no sound on any channel.
  • A. Check the Scart cable from the UKTV telly box to the TV. If this is loose you will sometimes lose sound. Also check that the volume on the UKTV telly box is turned up full.
Q. My Television is buzzing on all channels.
  • A. Check that the UKTV telly box volume is fully up and that the TV volume is not set really high. Generally most modern TV´s do not need to go above 50 on the volume scale.
Q. I am moving house and want to take my UKTV telly system with me, what will this cost?
  • A. We will install a new antenna and cabling at the new premises and set up your UKTV telly box. The charge for this is 100€
Q. How long will my antenna last.
  • A. This is entirely dependent on its location and how it gets affected by the sea air, wind and general conditions here in Fuerteventura. Expect an antenna mounted high up on a property at a beach-front location to last for far less time than an inland antenna mounted on a low lying patio. All our antennas come with a 1 year warranty from date of installation and a replacement antenna is only 60€ and again carries a 1 year warranty.
Before calling out an engineer please check all connections etc and if need be telephone for advice as if the fault proves to not be UKTV equipment then a call out fee of 40€ will be charged.

If you have checked all of the above and the box is still
not working, then,

  • Your aerial /or other parts may need replacing. The aerial/box etc. are under a 12 month warranty, after this period , any parts that are broken or deteriorated are your responsibility and a call out charge and replacement parts will be charged accordingly.
  • NB. If the box has been tampered with,or damaged during the 12 month warranty this cancels the warranty and a charge is made for call out and replacement box.


Q. My EPG shows January 1st

  • A. Unplug your iptv box from the mains supply for 30 seconds and then plug back in. This will restart the box and the epg will return to normal

Q. My EPG is 1 or 2 hours different to the actual programs

  • A. Check your IPTV box is set for the correct region. Press MENU button, Then scroll down to settings and press enter. In settings scroll down to GENERAL and press enter. Highlight timezone and press enter. Timezone should be London if it is not then scroll left until it says London, OKAY and press enter. The IPTV box will now restart and the epg should display the correct information.

Q. My IPTV box turns itself off after a few hours.

  • A. This is a power saving feature on the IPTV box and will occur if a button has not been pressed on the remote control for 3 hours. If you are watching a channel a message will appear on the screen informing you a button needs to be pressed.

Q. Picture´freezes´&´stutters´occasionally

  • A. This can be caused by problems with the internet connection between yourself and the servers in the UK. The IPTV box has the primary channels BBC1 etc duplicated on the channel list, try switching to the alternative channel ie BBC1 alternative is channel 201. If this does from the mains for 30 seconds (reboot) and then plug back in. Sometimes ´buffering´can be caused by a problem locally on the internet connection between yourself and the internet service provider (Telefonica, Orange, etc). Rebooting your internet router and then rebooting your IPTV box connection to the internet.
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